flipin, flip, bad day in the coop...


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Apr 2, 2010
Ugh I did not enjoy being out in the coops today. The chicks were all well behaved, everything else fell apart though....
All the kids are home so its like all I do when I go out is stop, come here, stop arguing, don't touch, ucky...blah blah blah. I normally so enjoy quiet time with my ladies, and couple guys

Well anyway I was filling the 5 gal waters and they are really freaking heavy, I don't fill them all the way all the time because they are so heavy, but I did because they have been drinking more since it is so HOT! So I filled it all the way, then went to heave it in there, meanwhile I look over into the other coop, and there is my 1 y/o who managed to get her shoes off while Iwas filling and started to walk in the coop

So I'm telling her no, stop, not paying attention, almost fell heaving this heavy thing, look down and 2 of my precious white EE's are lazily laying there, I scream, "move" of course they don't speak English, and I trip and fall on both, one pretty badly. It goes off crying and limping.
then the stupid water bashed in my ankle while I was terying to swing it away. So now I'm wet and sore, and the little one has wondered further. Did I mention I had just put her in a pretty dress cause we had to go somewhere?
So I gimp over there get her out, and my garden looks awfully thirsty like thirty dying. So I go to water them and the kid wanders into the sand and gets filthy, and the other kids are killing eachother.

My little hen, looks good, not any damage I can see, but now she runs from me.

And my ankle is fat, blue, and swollen.

I still have not been able to shake off the afternoon

Whispering Winds

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Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
I am so sorry and know how you feel. A dog groomer came to the house today to shear my great pyrs and all went well until we got to the male. He evidently had had diarrhea the past week or so, and I didn't catch it with that massive coat, and he had a sore butt and tail. It was like a rodeo getting that tail finished, and finally had to get DH to come in and help hold him, which caused him to get bit. Not bad, but drew blood, poor fella. Scout is now on antibiotic shots and a good healing human anti-bacterial spray and will use iodine too. Called the vet and she told me what to try. If he isn't on the mend by Monday, he is going to have to go see the doctor. I feel like I have been drug through a sick cow, and my ankle isn't black and blue, but its so sore I can hardly walk on it. Hot bath and Aleve coming right up. I know its not funny but if people saw you staggering around with a heavy waterer, and me being jerked to kingdom come and back by a 100# dog, they would have thought we were nuts. Made for an interesting afternoon, for sure!!!


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May 17, 2010
St. Paris
Sorry about your ankle and your EE's. I used to lug around my 5 gal waterer as well. Not any more I bring a smaller, more managable bucket of cold water a couple of times a day and try to keep it full. Of course when it starts to get pooped on alot, I wait till its almost empty take it out and clean it. Then take it back and procede to fill it.

Sonoran Silkies

Flock Mistress
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Jan 4, 2009
Tempe, Arizona
Automatic waterers are worth more than the weight in gold of large capacity non-automatic waterers. With gold At $1200+ per ounce (just checked), that is a LOT...5 gallons is 41.8 lb so...hmmm $731,496. Well maybe not quite that much; how about worth the weight in gold of a 1 gallon waterer. Still a lot

Hope the amusement takes away the ankle pain. Tell your kids that they have to cater to mama while she is mending, then give them fun chores that help you out and keep them occupied: each of the fighting ones washes one side of the windows/sliding door at the same time. Tell them that continues fighting will result in their arms being duct taped to each other. If they still fight, the other pair of arms are duct taped together, or maybe their legs--hmmm, can't decide.


Free Bird
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Apr 3, 2009
Pleasant Hill, CA
I hope your day gets better, and I hope your ankle feels better. Your little hen will forget soon and not run from you.

I can barely take care of my CHICKENS; I cannot imagine trying to keep little tots in line....or dresses clean.....holey moley!

The waterer was feeling very heavy to me this morning, and I always have to shoo-shoo the girls out of my way.......

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