Flock attacked by Dog Today!

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    From time to time we foster Dalmatians for a local rescue group. We always test them with our children, little & big dogs, horses, cat and chickens.... However, out of the blue today she broke into the coop when we were in the house and massacred most of our flock. It was so heartbreaking because many of these chickens had that dreaded virus from last March and we coddled until they were well. Anyway, Our flock was small (only 12 chickens from 2 yrs to 9 mths old). Two of the oldest managed to survive uninjured, and two have serious injuries. The other 8 were horribly killed. One of the injured is an Auracana... She has wounds on her back that I am afraid to investigate. Her feathers cover it up well to keep out the sand (we live in the desert). She can stand and I have her on antibiotics in the water. The other, a Buff Orpington cannot stand up. We do not see any injuries on her. But one leg she is not moving, and the other leg trembles a bit when you move or touch it. Neither as of yet are eating or drinking, but this just happened about 4 hours ago. Does anyone have any advice? My children are already heartbroken. But I fear these chickens may not make it either... Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated! [​IMG]
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    It sounds like the buff may have had some trama to the spinal chord. This doesn'r bode very well. The aracauna may have a chanse but you will need to at least clean out the wounds and continue the antibiotics in the water and to the wound like neomycin ointment. So sorry about the disaster.
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    I'm so sorry. Here's a bump- maybe someone can offer advice. All I can say is you've got to look at the wounds to see the extent of the damage. Then they need to be cleaned with saline to reduce the risk of infection.

    Good Luck! [​IMG]
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    The buff orp with the leg that trembles...sounds like what the other poster said...a spinal cord injury. Many here have had chickens with those kinds of injuries and they made a come back - some quickly and some slowly. My baby took months and months to recuperate but she did! Make sure your BO has food and water in front of her. You may want to prop her between two rolled up towels with paper towels under her to catch the poo. She may need to be bathed frequently if she can't stand up to go. And I also agree that the other hen will need her wound(s) cleaned out and then treated with saline or benadine solution. I would also put an antibacterial ointment on the wound(s) and keep them separated from the flock. It's best to move them in the house when they are seriously injured. Do you have a bathroom or some place where you can keep them isolated from the other critters in your house. They need to be in a calm, quiet, warm place. I am so so sorry about your other birds. What a horrible shame. [​IMG]


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