Flock of 4 black Jersey Giants 9 weeks Huge TN

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    Oct 13, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    My wife made me join BYC so here goes.
    4 Black Jersey Giant teen chicks.These are not hatchery stock.Huge they are currently bigger than her 3 month old Rhode Island's and EE's. 1 screams roo the others don't have such a developed comb or wattles..not nearly as red either. These are very gentle and easy to handle.The "little" rooster is still missing some feathers on his back..slow coming in and we had a little chick that liked to perch on him and pluck on occasion.
    She will not ship any of her birds...NPIP Certified flock.She's willing to drive them a reasonable distance to meet you.PM please I never check e-mail..I hate these computers
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