Flock of Easter Eggers for sale, hatched March 26th

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    Money is tight right now and I have made the painful decision to sell off my beautiful EE flock. They truly are gorgeous birds, and the girls are getting ready to start laying. The flock consists of 2 cockerels and 6 pullets. They are breeder stock and hatched from blue, green, and brown eggs. One roo hatched from a green egg, and one hatched from a blue egg. One roo is gray and brown, and probably one of the most gorgeous boys I've ever seen, and the other boy is white with black markings. The hens are brown, brown and gold, black and white, and one is solid white except for one tiny black feather that is hardly noticeable. I have handled them since hatching and they are well loved, but I need to feed the rest of my flock. These are standards. I also have some other standards, pure and mixed for sale, and lots of Bantams that didn't sell as well as I wanted them to at our state's Chickenstock last weekend. I have pure Bantam Cochins, Silkies, Cochin/Silkie mixes, Standard Marans mixes, and more. I still have 3 Speckled Sussex pullets at POL and 2 SS cockerels available, and more that I'm probably not even thinking of right now. I need the money for chicken feed and money is really tight right now, so if anyone is interested, PM me. I can send more pics upon request. I also have a Silver Lakenvelder pair hatched April 7th that I'm offering for $20. Please PM me if interested in any of my birds. Thanks.

    This is one of the boys. His name is George:

    Here are a couple of the pullets walking around the yard with my Bantam Cochins:

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