Flock Reduction - Bantam Japanese, Cochin and more; LF Campine, Orloff, Recap and more


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Jul 5, 2012
Seguin, TX
Hi fellow BYCers!

We need to reduce the size of our flock. Below is my painfully compiled "For Sale List". I've never shipped poultry before, so these will need to be local pickup in Seguin, TX.

If anyone wants a readymade chicken farm, here's your chance! LOL! Just make an offer on the whole bunch and bring a semi-load of cages to take them home!! For the most part, these are hatchery birds. Pricing is based on what we have seen locally (on CL) for similar stock. Reasonable offers will be considered....key word...reasonable. (Note: Will give discounts for larger purchases too, so willing to deal a bit to get these ladies and gents good homes.)

Fall worming and mite treatment have been completed (11/4 and 11/14). Due to the size of the list, I didn't try to post pics. If interested in a particular breed, let me know and I'll post as requested and/or as I post them on Craigslist as well.

For Sale List (Updated 11/27/12):


2 White Japanese roosters - handsome boys, with nice long tails, but large for the breed (7 mos old) - $10/ea
1 Buff Japanese rooster - fairly small, tail has some black in it, but not all black (7 mos old) - $10/ea
$20 for all three of the above. Pics here: http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/grd/3404828357.html

1 Partridge Cochin roo (7mos old) - $10/ea
1 Red Cochin roo - has smaller than normal comb, has not crowed but has roo feathering, sweet bird - free
1 Blue/Red cochin cockerel (6 mos old) - $10/ea
2 black Frizzle cockerels (6 mos old) - both with frizzled feathers $10/ea
1 red Frizzle cockerel (6 mos old) - frizzled feathers; red color is more like a NH Red than a RIR - $10/ea
$20 for three of the above cochin/frizzle roos, $30 for all six . Pics here: http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/grd/3404914328.html

3 adorable Ameraucana cockerels - one white, two red/brown (3 1/2 mos old) - $10/ea or $20 for all three.
Pics here: http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/grd/3404794781.html

1 Black Silkie cockerel (3 mos old) - $12/ea
1 Blue Silkie cockerel (3 mos old) - $12/ea
1 Light Brahma roo (adult 1+ yrs) - $10/ea
1 Buff Brahma pullet (7 mos old) - $15/ea
1 trio Black Mottled D'Uccle (adult - 1+ yrs) - $45/trio
2 pairs Barred Rocks - adult - 1+ yrs) - $25/pair
2 pr Gold Laced Wyandotte (6 1/2 - 7 mos) - $20/pair
1 flock of 5 Old English Game (cockerel 7 mos, pullets 6 mos) - red pyle cockerel, splash pullets - $60/flock

ALBC Critical List:
3 pairs White Faced Black Spanish (cockerels 7 mos old, pullets 4 1/2 mos old) - $35/pair
2 trios Gold Campine (cockerels are 5 mos old, pullets are 4 1/2 mos old) - $40/trio
1 trio Gold Campine (8 mos old and laying) - $45/trio
1 trio of Silver Campines (5 1/2 mos old) - $40/trio
2 trios Red Caps (cockerels are 5 mos old, pullets are 6 1/2 mos old) - $45/trio
2 trios Silver Spangled Russian Orloffs (4 mos old) - $40/trio
5 Spangled Russian Orloff pullets (6 mos old) - $15/ea

ALBC Threatened List:
4 trios Silver Lakenvelders - $40/trio
1 flock of 6 Sicilian Buttercups (pullets are 7mos old, roo is 5 mos old) - $85/flock
1 trio Buckeyes - (5 mos old) - $40/trio
10 Buckeye pullets (5-6 mos old) - $15/ea
6 Blue Andalusian pullets - splash, blue, black (4 mos old) - $12/ea

ALBC Recovering List:
2 trios Australorps (5-6 mos old) - $40/trio
1 pair GLW (5 mos old) - $25/pair
1 quad straight comb GLW (8 mos old; hens are laying) - $40/quad

Miscellaneous, some "rare" breeds:
1 flock of 8 Silver Kraienkoppes (1 cockerel, 7 pullets, all 5 1/2 mos old) - $125/flock - still recovering from molt, so not pretty yet!
2 Cream Brabanter pullets - $15 ea or all for $50
2 trios (or flock of 6) Appenzeller Spitzhaubens (7 mos old) - $72 for all 6, $40 for trio -- Sale pending on Spitzhauben flock.

Possible trades (pullets/hens only):
Lavender D'Anvers pullets, LF Cochins - GL, White, Buff, Blue, Red, Partridge, Bantam Cochins - Black, Silver Laced, Silver Penciled, Partridge, Silkie pullets - any color (will be primarily broodies), Blue Swedish (duck) hen
Also need an incubator (interested in Hovabator Genesis 1588 or GQF Sportsman 1502--obviously partial swap with some cash swapping your way unless you want a LOT of chickens!)

We never have shipped a bird and we're not familiar with the regulations around shipping poultry and don't currently have boxes on hand. Prefer not to ship birds this age. I'll mention here that I will also be listing some ducks (cayuga, magpie, rouen and Heinz-57's) and coturnix quail in the "other for sale" category. I'll try to add a link when that post is created. (I didn't realize I can only create 1 classified at a time, so nix the other ad. Sorry!)

Thanks for looking!!
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Too bad I don't live closer or I would take all your Salmon Faverolles. I have 7 at home, 3 turned out to be roosters, I would really loved to have them. I don't know shipping laws, so I can see why. You also never know what can happen to them as they come. Good luck finding all your birds homes.
I understand the rooster overload. We purchased 10 WFBS "pullets", of which 5 ended up being cockerels. Bantams are almost always straight run too, so it makes me cringe to think about buying them! Thanks for looking though...and I can take all the luck you can send my way!! LOL!
I know. I ordered 10 Salmon Faverolle pullets. But I get 3 roosters an two Dorkings. I love them no matter what, my roosters are the best. They love to sit on my lap, I never knew how friendly a rooster could be. I had to give them away sadly, I didnt need more than 10 chickens.
shipping is not a big deal....there is always a first time for everything.....just ask your closer postal office if you can ship birds from there or if you need to make a reservation...if you need reservations ask for the number to call....

if you like to make a buyer a favor pay for the shipping online ...you can save them good money
if you ship more than 1 box ...you can tape them toguether and count as one box
wilwarner - Thanks for your interest.

Here are 3 of the 4 older yoko pullets.

This is the youngest one....It's a bit cool and breezy today, so she's fluffed a bit in this shot.

Here's the older of the three black sumatras:

...and one of the younger ones....both of the younger ones are sans tail feathers right now....just coming in.
Posting more pics...here are the spitzhaubens...(update 11/14 - sale pending on Spitzhauben flock)

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Some of the Orloffs...(redcap on r also; yoko face very bottom r...hard to get clean shots of one breed...currently housed in age groups!)

This is the younger crowd...another yoko snuck into the shot. Glamour queen!

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