Flock reduction Sale - Legbars, Naked Necks, BSLs, Assorted Mutts Jacksonville / Northeast Florida

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    Sep 20, 2016
    We're getting ready to order more breeding stock, which means, time to get rid of some of our extra stock.
    We have various breeds available at the moment;

    BSLs (Black Sex-Links)/Barn-Yard Assorted Mixed Birds; $8 for the girls. $5 for boys (who are MEATY). Hatched November 13th. $30 would take all of them. (There's a cute solid-black EE/Maran girl in there that I think is going to lay an interesting color egg.)

    Naked Necks- $15 each or $40 for the trio. The girls are black with some white peppering, The cockerel is black-tailed with some white leakage (he's 1/2 maran so he has some feathers on his shanks). These are large fowl that I'm quite partial too, I'm only selling these to make way for more projects.

    Cream Legbar Trio- I really don't want to part with these, I'd rather trade if I could.We can discuss pricing otherwise. The cream legbars I have come from undercoverchickenfarmer in Central Florida. Look them up on facebook for pics of their stock. This trio are going to make great breeders. I just want to move forward with my other four. PM me and be we can discuss trades, if you're interested.

    All of the photos were after being unloaded from my car after a swap yesterday, I can provide more detailed pics in PMs upon interest. They typically run loose in a big brooder room so I wanted to get pics while they were still separated.
    Please comment or PM me for any questions. We are located in Northside Jacksonville. No holds on these please unless for trades. [​IMG]

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