Flock Reduction, Silkies, Ameraucanas, for pickup Southern NJ

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    May 9, 2008

    I'm cutting back on some of my flock here and posting what I am parting with for now...I will try to get some pics to post along with this ad asap just as soon as I can get a hold of a camera.

    1. Silkie Breeding group, really nice quality. Bearded. 1 Blue hen, 2 Partridge hen, and 1 Partridge rooster. $40.00 (the rooster is optional, if you'd like just the hens I'm still asking $40.00 for the group)

    2. Standard Blue Wheaton Ameraucana started pair. Chicks are about 6 weeks old now. $25.00

    3. Extra Blue Wheaton Ameraucana Cockerels, $5.00 each.

    4. White Sizzle hen, 2 years old. She's needs to go through a molt since she's been the roosters' favorite hen lol. I'd just like to retire her to a good home that doesn't have roosters. $10.00.[​IMG] A picture of her in full feather

    5. 1 Young Royal Palm Turkey baby, abou 2-3 months old. $15.00

    If anyone is interested in these birds please email me at: [email protected]

    I will try to get pics just as soon as I can, but will gladly answer any questions from anyone seriously interested.

    Thanks for looking & Take Care,
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