Flock Sell OUT TEXAS Millie Fleur Cochins, d'anvers, cochins, etc.

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  1. onagadori

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    I am listing these for another breeder who does not have internet right now. These are not my birds so please don't pm me as I dont know any details. I am doing this for another lady. Please reply to her email ( bahiebarakacattery@hotmail.com ) or call 940-231-9663 to speak to her in person. Thanks

    These are her words:
    "Well much as it saddens me i will be selling the last of my birds i have super nice pairs and trios of bantam cochins email me for colors as to many to list do have one pair of millie flur cochins as well, also a pair of black d'anvers a pair of fantail pigeons, standard bardrock pullet just starting to lay,wheaten game hen,golden pheonix roo .white crested black polish roo also a gfq incubator a lg bator with turner and fan and some free bantam cochin roos and a bunch of bantam cross chicks and barnyard mix chicks will play let,s make a deal on the chicks email off list for more info and prices. most of these pairs are what i held back for myself but things change and now the bird hobby has to go.
    thanks all
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    Jan 26, 2010
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    Where is she located?

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