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Dec 3, 2017
Napa, California
Hi all, it has been raining fairly consistently, but it's really going to pour through Sunday. My dirt floor coop is flooded (and most of the yard) and I had to wade in to open the doors. Can I just get sandbags to put around the bottom and add sand inside? I have a few medical issues and will be having surgery in a few weeks, so I'm not that strong right now :( What would be the easiest and best short term plan? The run is under an oak tree, so while it's saturated, the chickens aren't heavy enough to sink down like I was. 20180322_075337.jpg 20180322_075321.jpg 20180322_075337.jpg 20180322_075321.jpg 20180322_075333.jpg 20180322_075432.jpg


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I'd try tanbark/wood chips. It's going to be lighter (easier for you to move around) than sand, and bulkier too. I think next week things are going to be drier (I'm not too far from you, in San Jose), so the fix doesn't need to last too long, and then later in the summer you can take more drastic steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I agree, If you have access to wood chips, pile them high.
If you have pallets lying around throw them down, it'll at least give the chickens something to elevate them above water level. And/or pile in some wood chips if you have any. Not a long term fix but it'll hopefully be enough in the meantime.

After you've recovered from surgery you're going to need to figure out a plan to improve drainage there.
I had to make a wine run, so I got some free pallets at the client's warehouse. Great idea! I put one into the coop and a heavy thick piece of wood near the entrance so I can get in there. It's sunny now, yay!, but seeing as this is my first spring at this house, I know I've got some more work to do. Everyone is happy and healthy. Thanks!! We don't really get extreme weather here, but this rain is something else! I'm not going to mention that I stopped at TSC for shavings and ended up with another "couple" bantams

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