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  1. PitaCracker

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    Oct 27, 2015

    My husband is in the last stages of building our first coop-- I'm very proud of him!
    Two questions:
    1. What flooring do y'all recommend for a plywood floor coop? We live in southwest Florida, the coop is a full standing 6x8... any other details required to make a recommendation? I've read sand, pine shaving, straw.... I just don't know what is best and would love to hear your ideas.
    2. My husband used wire clothe to close up all the big gaps with the ceiling and walls but there is about a one inch gap all around where the metal rood and walls meet... do y'all think a snake could get in at 8.5-9.5 feet off the ground? He doesn't want to go back up and redo it all but says he will if it will make me feel better... should I ask him to fix it?

    Thank you,
  2. JetCat

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    Oct 26, 2015
    Southeast Alabama
    covering the plywood with a vinyl linoleum makes for easier cleaning and then it's just a personal choice, sand works great, as does wood pellets or pine shavings.

    snakes can climb but it depends on what material the sides are made out of, chances are they are smooth enough one can't climb that high so you're good.
  3. Skylercarr

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    Jul 14, 2015
    I use pine shavings it's easiest for me I also put a tray right under their roosts. Since that's where all the poop is. Then I clean up the tray once a week and clean out the coop once every other month. That's easy for me and it doesn't take much time to clean up.

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