Flooring for an old greenhouse turned into a Coop

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    May 21, 2016
    Hello, I have read so many different opinions about flooring for coops but I don't find many that talk about what to use on top of a gravel floor. We have a green house that we have converted into a coop and some of the floor in the green house is gravel, with dirt under that, then there is a small concrete pad as well. The gravel is pretty much impossible to be cleaned. I was thinking of cutting a piece of plywood and just laying it on top of the gravel and then putting a layer of pine shavings on top but I'm worried about the ground moisture under the plywood. Any suggestions on what would be the best thing to do for flooring? [​IMG]

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    Many folks seem to like sand quite a bit. I do use it in some of my runs, but have never used it inside the housing (but some have). It is easy to clean. Because of your screen type door, if/when rain blew in, it would drain right through and dry quickly once the sun was out again.

    Unless you laid a layer of heavy plastic down first, plywood would rot pretty quickly. You could mix up a few bags of Quikrete and do a THIN concrete floor if you're wanting something solid (set something round in the middle to leave a spot for a drain). Bedding could go on top of that. It really comes down to what works best for you...
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    Try the thick rubber mats used for horse stall flooring on top of the gravel. Then use shavings and build up deep bedding, by far the easiest coop and run flooring option. Folks who like sand, like to scoop poop daily! Deep littler may need to be shoveled out a couple of times a year, right into the garden, or as mulch. Much easier!!! You can use deep litter right on top of the gravel, it will be a little harder to shovel out, but will work very well. Make sure no critters can dig into your coop too. Mary
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    Landscape cloth held down with 4-5" landscape staples. Will keep moisture from building up and causing mold under plywood. Add what ever material on top your like. Make it deep enough so they don't scratch down to the barrier.

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