Florescent Green poop sticking to feathers 7 days


10 Years
Sep 17, 2009
Found my 3 y/o Barred Rock Hen wouldn't come out of the coop in the morning. Picked her up and found poop caked on. Cleaned her up and she seemed fine. Walked around with the other 2 hens. Next day she wouldn't get out of the coop. Pulled her out and set her on the ground and she plopped down on the grass and didn't move. Chicken expert at the feed store thought it could be a bacterial problem and I purchased a small bag of Tetracycline Hydrochloride. Measures 1/4 tsp to gallon of water and only lasts 24 hours. I give her 36 ml a couple times of day via syringe. I make a mixutre of her feed/corn meal with the antibiotic. She'll eat just a bit. Problem is DH & I both work and cannot keep a 2 hour schedule with her. She hobbles just a bit and then lays down. Amazingly the matriarch hen (Austerlope) doesn't bother her. I've been reading on posts to feed yogurt and hard boiled eggs? After 5 days on the TH, the poop is still green but watery. Not sure if this is because of the liquids being forced down her? Her rear is swollen and red and there is a long dimple at the base of her tail feathers. I didn't notice it until yesterday when I gave her another bath. She will hobble with the assistance of fluttering her wings but will only go a couple of steps before sitting down and won't move. She is quarantined from the other hens and when I'm at work she stays in her little home. When I am home I try to get her to move around a bit more.
We just picked up 2 chicks and they stay away from the bigger hens thanks to the matriarch's monitoring.

So, my questions are, after 5 days is this the kind of improvement I should be seeing or is there more to this? What about the swollen rump and that funny looking dimple?

The other hen is a Blue laced Wyandott. The chicks (now 3 mo old) are Golden Laced Wyandott and White Brahma. They don't seem to be effected. They are quite active.

Thank you!
Oh, and we live in Washington state and the weather here has been very inconsistant. Rain/sun/rain 3 days/sun/rain some more.

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