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  1. Can anyone from Florida tell me when and where a poultry show is? I am in North Central Florida and have never been to one and since I am new at this, I would like to see different breeds and what not.

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    Looks like there is going to be another Central Florida Swap in June they just posted a few hours after you but have not set up the actual date and location yet.
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    Hey Mark There is a Fun show coming up on May 30. Its put on by the Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association its at the Polk County Ag Center, Highway 17 south, Bartow Florida They put this show on to help raise monies for their main shows later in the year. There will be all kinds of chickens there and they will have a sellers area They are even having a Cross/breed show If you want additional info email Valerie Hirvela at [email protected] I posted the info on this show in April but it got pushed down the list.
  4. Not really sure where Bartow is...heard of before. Polk County is Tampa/St. Pete area, right?
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    Howdy neighbor!
  6. Quote:How goes it!!
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    Quote:I'm in High Springs too!!!

  8. Theres alot of us on here!
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    HaHa - for such a small town!!!
    Did any of you go to the swap at Kellys last weekend?
  10. Quote:No...didn't know there was one, OR where Kelly's is. LOL! Only been here for 2 years and still learning the area. (not that there's much to learn) Does sound familiar though. Clue me in?

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