Flowers, greens, anything pretty what to plant?


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
I am building my peacock's new pen and they are so pretty, so I want the ground to be pretty too. I planted some wild flowers and Honey Suckles but what else can I plant? Thanks
i plan on putting all different kinds of lillys and hanging pots with trailing plants in them
i have a landscaper fiance' so that helps a lot lol
ya thats going to look so good! great choice. i have honey suckle to grow up the run and pink chinese jasmine. i kinda think they might eat a lot of it if they can get it haha
I was gonna do something similar to a rose bush, I ordered 1 too many lilac bushes so I could put on in their pen. I will have to look for Hydrangea and Moonflowers does Wal-Mart or Home-Depot sell them? Hanging pots with flowers would look so pretty but they are so expensive here, they are around $30.00 so that is a little out of my budget.
You can make your hanging pots out of buckets. I never look at the pot, I look whats in the pot.
just the pot is expensive gosh thats crazy. here they r 4 bucks and then i buy trailing plants to put in them i love emerald falls they look like mini lilly pads

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