8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
NC Foothills
When I got chickens I never realized the damage they would do to my extensive gardens. I wish they only scratched around in the mulch.....No way.....Their favorite torture to inflict upon my flowers is picking off new buds growing. They love to tear flowers, and flower buds off. They even got onto the railing of my porch just to roost and tear the petals off my newly opened asiatic lillies

Short of fencing and clipping wings I know there is no real solution. Just venting
The initial plan was to fence them in their run. However, after seeing them free-range I couldn't pen them up 24/7. They enjoy it and eat a ton of bugs.

Nothing is safe except maybe the roses lol. I am sure I am not the only chicken owner to have this issue
We have had goats, dogs, and chickens in our yard and chickens are by far the most destructive. We built them their own run space a couple years ago both to protect them from the dogs and to protect our yard and garden from them. We all seem to be happy with this arrangement though the chickens will occasionally complain that they don't get enough treats so I pull something from the garden that is ready to go and toss it to them.
We are having to put up a picked fence and keep them on the back 150 feet. They are coming up to the patio, eating everything and poopig everywhere!

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