Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
My Coop
My girls have done the same thing while eating scratch at the "breakfast bar" (a log with crevices).
I was wondering if I'd have to do the equivalent of the chicken Heimlich maneuver. It's reassuring to know others have observed this and their hens are no worse for wear. 👍
I'm about to make something like your breakfast bar for the chickens here.


Dec 18, 2018
Island, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
My Coop
Oh no, who?! I’m so sorry, here’s more hugs. :hugs :hugs:hugs
Suyin suddenly took a turn for the worse. I found Mhari in the run in a bad way & Lavender dead in the coop run when I went to check on my girls. Suyin wasn't unexpected. That she lasted so long was something of a miracle. The other 2...:confused::idunnoI took them very hard. I'm trying to be positive & see it as an opportunity to try a couple of other breeds I have been interested in: Japanese bantams, Belgian frizzles [this is a real experiment. I know almost nothing about Belgians; it was the frizzle I was after] & silver laced Wyandottes.

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