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Jun 3, 2021
I didn't step on it. They did. It was inthe smallest nest box like the white one from the weekend. I tossed it. Then went, "oh, I should have kept part of the shell to inspect in better light." Guess what I'll be doing once daylight is good....45-60 min as it's still DARK, with a hint of color. View attachment 2872218 Coop usually opened about now on work days....they're all like: you want us going out in that?!
Combined with: ummm, it's dark out here.....

I'm all: stay in, go back to bed (turning off heat light), I gotta leave for work so prepping everything for y'all. just remember, y'all gotta get to the scratch before the magpies do or go find other stuff to eat.
20 min later, same spot.


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Nov 3, 2019
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Abject Fear

I got my coffee this morning and headed out to supervise and visit with everyone this morning. It is a spectacular day. Not a cloud to be found, brilliant blue sky, warm sun, it just couldn't be nicer in the fall. I expected to find the littles cheeping away scratching around and the big ladies scratching away under the magnolia tree.

What greeted me was dead silence and nothing moving.

No song birds,no chickens, nothing. My heart sank.

I found the 6 big girls huddled under the apple trees, not moving. Stark still.

My heart sank. The littles!

I ran to The Hut, hoping they had stayed inside like they normally do in the morning.

They were not there. Still not a sound at all in the yard. Where will the littles.

A frantic search started. I could not find them anywhere. I searched for the tell tale white of the poofy heads as they blended in so well with the leaves, etc.


Then I saw floofy head. Thank God! But it was only 1. I had found Legertha but no Sylvie to be seen.

Legertha was hunched down in this corner alone, quiet, and unmoving.

View attachment 2872229

I figured that if Sylvie was still around, she would be nearby. I searched frantically but could find no sign of her.

As there was no predator around that I could see, I peeped at Legertha. Hoping that I could get a reaction that might spark a reaction from Sylvie. In my heart I was already certain that she was gone. Or else she would have been with Legertha. After a couple of peeps from me, Legertha peeped back and got up. I must of said the right thing? 🤷‍♂️

Legertha got up and started peeping frantically and went under the grapevines like she was looking for Sylvie.

I followed. Here is what I found.

Sylvie was hidden in the corner of the big run under my chair.

View attachment 2872223
She was not responding to Legertha. So I zipped into the run and gathered her up. She was fine. I brought her out to Legertha and now they are sitting in the run extension making this purring sound. Can you hear it?

It is pretty clear that the hawk returned this morning. The song birds just alarmed argain and everyone dove for cover although this time I don't see the hawk. I'm going to have to stay out with them all day at this point or lock them up for a while.

Ooof that got my heart rate up.
I am so glad they are all safe. Really hard to know what to do.

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Jan 1, 2016
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Back for More

Well, I know exactly what it was. It was a hawk and it is after the littles. Just as I posted the other post, it attack again. This time it was foiled because I surprised it. I was on the deck and saw it coming in. I jumped up and started after it causing it to alter its flight and land on the fence. It did not wait for me to reach out before flying away.

It is a juvenile hawk smaller than my full grown hens. The red tailed hawks which we have here are larger than a normal hen. Here is where the hawk landed.

There must have been an alarm because the littles had time to hide. I did not hear it but I was bent on intercepting the attack.

The littles are hidden in this photo. Can you find them?


The littles are now locked into the big run. I just can't risk them free ranging. I will try opening it up right before dusk. Mostly so Phyllis could roost there if she wanted. I guess I will be outside a lot for the foreseeable future.

I really don't know how to get rid of it aside from shooting with the nerf gun.


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