Mar 15, 2021
Kauai, Hawaii
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Deep Sadness and a Return Visitor

Only after some direct encouragement from @RoyalChick yesterday have I spent anytime with the remainders of my tribe since Sunday. Somehow I just could not face them. So this morning I forced myself to go visit them. Here are some photos of everyone.
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No one has been permitted outside the complex since the event except for a short time when I allowed everyone out to say a formal goodbye to Sylvie. They were briefly interested in the grave but quickly when back to the complex and huddled. They are scared and rightfully so.

While I sat with them today in the big run, this showed up and landed on the pool shed.
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I was able to get a reasonable estimate on its size. It is about 15 inches head to tail. So still a juvenile. It is a good thing everyone was locked in the complex. They hide from predators in air in the apple trees and trumpet vine. Here us the view the hawk had from the top of the pool shed.
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Here is the tribe hanging out thinking they were safe. They are not.
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This hawk clearly knows its business. For now I'm stuck. I can't let them out at all. To everyone with a suggestion on how to deal with the hawk. I simply am not interested at this point. The hawk wins. The tribe will live in the complex until spring. I could not stand another loss and I'm not willing to take any risk at all any longer.

Thank You
I know that there are many hugs waiting for me to go and catch up on. Thank you all for you sympathy and support. I don't know that I will be going back and catching up for some time. I still haven't stopped crying myself without reading all of those posts. I promise I will.

To everyone who wonders how I am doing, I'm not doing well at all. I thought by now I would feel better or at least start to be over it but I am simply not. Perhaps I never will be. I do know that when I did look at the tribe today all I saw was the ladies who are no longer here. Some by my failures, some not, but missing none the less.
Hey Bob, it's nice to see you on here. Thanks for checking in & sharing updates with us. Please know that we are all thinking of you! :hugs


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I thought someone would worry about that when I picked the picture.
No I don't think it is a penguin stance. Both the road runners have this sort of shape and she was stretching her neck up because there was some ruckus going on she wanted to investigate.
Also a bit of it is camera angle - I was sitting on a tree stump just behind her.
You know your girl best! ❤️

BY Bob

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If she’s going to die tonight, she’s not going to be alone. I will see her into eternity (but damn! There’s nothing I can do to help her now) :barnie:hit:idunno
I'm so sorry to hear this Alex. Obviously I have no idea what is going on but I understand the pain of loss all too well. I wish it would pass you by. :hugs :hugs

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