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    So I noticed lately my Splash Polish pullet has been very wary and doin her own thang. She has a VERY poofy top hat, but at last check, she could still see... Well, while visiting with my flock tonight, I picked her up and to my suprise, unless I held her straight up at arms length, I couldn't see her eyes [​IMG] So I gave her a good checking over, she didn't seem to have lost weight in the last week, though her crop was empty. I felt awful [​IMG] Brought her in and clipped her feathers some. Think I'll do some more in the next few days, since she was getting a bit irritated by the time I finished what I got clipped. But, at least now she can see!!! [​IMG]

    Did any of yall with fluffy chickens have any indicators, like temperment change, that it was time for a haircut? Or did yalls birds somehow manage to get around fine with the poofiness? [​IMG]



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    Well no wonder, she couldn't find the food. Poor girl. The last shot she still looks peeved, but I bet she can find food now!
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    Quote:I know it!!!

    She gave me the stink eye till I brought her back to the coop [​IMG] But, her attitude had changed dramatically. She was running all over, first food, then water, then made circles around the coop [​IMG] She's still fairly docile, but, obviously happier [​IMG]
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    Poor thing! Great before and after pictures!
    She could've just ASKED for a haircut if she needed one. Sheesh. [​IMG]

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