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Oct 8, 2008
Newport, Washington
Hi, I have never posted before but I have looked around and there is some much wonderful information here I have never had to ask a question.

Recently I upgraded my chickens from a tractor to a coop. When I was planning this my daughter who works as a vet tech at a avian and exotic animal hospital told me not to use fluorescent lighting in my coop. Her and the doctor there indicated that chickens show elevated stress hormones when under fluorescent lights. Some tests have been done showing that chickens will not show a preference to the other lighting, but when tested they have elevated stress hormones when under fluorescents. The chickens see differently than we do so they see the fluorescent lights as flickering which causes the stress.

I looked around on the internet but didn't find a lot on this subject, but I think I will stick to the incandescent bulbs. Any one have any knowledge on this subject?


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Jun 10, 2008
That's very interesting, and I imagine its certainly possible. Most animals senses are vastly different from ours, but I have never read anything concerning stress and fluorescent lighting. Personally, I don't care for flourescent light. It has a stertile feel to it.
So my purely human anecdotal inclination is to agree with your inclination and stick with incandescent.

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