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    Aug 27, 2014
    posting on behalf of someone so bare with the details...

    a hen was attatcked by another hen peking the back of her head down to the bone.. n vets advise cotton wool was applied and hen has been fine, walking eating all ok... this was 2 weeks yesterday. today someone who has better eye sight than the owners pointed out that the cotton wool was covered in eggs..white' mini grains of rice' looking things. its been like this for what we think to be the full 2 weeks as owners said its not changed. no signs of maggots at all. all they have had to put on her was 'purple sprey'

    being so the eggs did not or have not yet hatched is this because of the purple sprey? or do they need to do something rather fast to stop them from hatching?

    the only suggetions online for killing these eggs i couldnt do to or put on a chicken!

    please keep in mind we all live miles from shops in the middle of no where so old fashioned remedies are best if posible x
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    Sounds more like lice. She could use a dusting of Sevin 5% or Poultry Dust. In a pinch any flea spray for dogs.
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