Fly Strips are Dangerous in the Coup

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Jul 23, 2021
Southern Idaho
I just found one of my 13 week old pullet wrapped up in a fly strip. I was stuck to her from front to back. I reached down to pick her up and took it off. A lot of feathers came with it. Mind you this is a skittish chick. She was covered in the sticky stuff from the strip. I grabbed the Dawn and headed for the bathroom stink. She let me bathe her and work the dish soap into the sticky areas. I noticed the areas where the feathers came off. She didn't fight me at all. I think she knew how serious it was and I was her mama to help her. I wrapped her in a towel and set with her for a long time. She never fought me. I put her in the coup because I knew it was warm. I noticed she was preening. I just hope I got it because the strip had insecticide on it. Please consider this when/if you use fly strips.


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I use fly rolls but put them where they can't be reached. Work great.


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