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    Flies have been really bothering Daisy - all over her face, getting in her eyes, covering her nose. It was horrible! So Mom made a fly veil for her. A piece of elastic, and she took some ribbon yarn cut into smaller pieces and sewed them on. Daisy shook her head around only once or twice when we put it on her earlier. Then she went right back to munching grass (she's currently the lawn mower [​IMG]). It keeps the majority of the flies off very well.

    Now Daisy's an Arabian princess!! [​IMG]


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    Oh! Daisy looks like a sweetie pie. I love Jerseys.

    Good job mom! [​IMG]
  3. CoyoteMagic

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    Love it!!! She's beautiful. Now she just needs to learn to do the shimmy!

    I just saw "Fly Collars" at Tractor Supply yesterday. Look like the flea and tick collars for dogs.
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    D'aw! I outta make one of those for my poor ol' guy. He's the only horse in the pasture that gets continuously pestered by flies.

    I have to Jersey's always look like that? I've seen pictures on the webs of them...but I'm hoping it's just not so! XD I want one so bad...gotta wait until we got our own spread though.

    I'll be standing in the pasture yelling "EAT MORE! YOUR TO THIN! THINK OF ALL THE STARVING COWS IN AFRICA!". I just know it [​IMG]

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