Flying Chicks


May 20, 2015
A lot of my chicks fly on me while I'm cleaning the coop/pen. They like to be up on my shoulders or get some petting time. I've had 5 on me at one time and it makes it a bit difficult to clean stuff up. I also am always trying to protect my eyes just in case they try to peck me. Does this behavior continue as they get older and bigger (they are 5.5 weeks old right now)?


11 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
I can picture you trying to perform your tasks while being a tree for those chicks of yours. Neat trick if you manage to pull it off! I've been there, too, and I know it's kind of fun while being a tiny bit annoying at the same time.

Yes, they do lose interest in flying as they put on body weight. However, some hens will still take advantage of you if you're on your knees trying to rake out the poop from under the coop and jump on your back. Or they will flutter up to your shoulder to escape the attentions of an annoying rooster. And laps will tempt all the ones you've managed to corrupt into being hug hogs.

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