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    Dec 8, 2012
    i have one three week old chick and the other 7 out of the original 11 are 2 weeks old; they are still in a large carton box that my husband turned in to a brooder; two lights, a door and ventilation pipes;

    we've been turning down the heat steadily and anyhow in the house now its about 21-24 celsius; they are all eating chick food (here we only have chick or layer feed for hobbyists even in 50 kilo bags; only professional coops can order specific mixes for their various needs, its all government controlled)
    anyhowz, thye are in their box; BUT they have developed wing power. i caught one today flying thru the box, and sit on the edge of his grate door. so i obviously have to move them to new quarters.

    do they still need overhead heating or can they deal with a warm room.

    are they supposed to be able to fly at that age?

    the four shcnitzels (four white chicks that are most likely meat chickens , survivors of some child's school project) have feathers and plume on them and cannot fly at all> they just run around on the floor and make a huge mess of water and food; tweet a lot, and smell up the house. waiting for decent weather to move them to a small area of thai fowls' coop, until such time ....

    they seem so much more stupid then the thai chickens. the thai babies are alert, inquisitive, havent stopped pecking and kicking at the hanging thermometer, peering out at me thru their door, playing with eachother and calling to me... when do these types start feathering out (hard feather birds)? my husband is not a source of information because in his village, hens raise the babies otu in the open (and tropical weather/climate); here its different....
    at what age can we introduce them to the adults without having them kicked to death (and ive seen cockerels do that, these birds have a high fighting drive)...

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