Flying under the radar and looking to get legal.


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
Aledo, TX
Hi all -

I live in a suburb that only allows 2 'fowl' unless you are able to house them 150 feet feet from other residential structures. This is not possible in my 64'x128' lot. However, I live right next to a city that allows 12 chickens/city lot and I think I have a good shot at getting our local code changed.
But, I do have a small flock that I have been running under the radar.
In my defense, I back up to a green space (flood plain) and my next door neighbors are not only OK with the chickens, they are actively encouraging. Nobody is bothered by them. Heck, nobody knows they are there but me and the next door neighbors. But I know neighbors move and I would like to make the leap to get the city ordinance changed so that the girls are legal. There are others in the city that are interested in starting their own flocks. So, after doing much research and following the progress of others here, I have a game plan forming.

But, what do I do with the girls in the mean time? It is going to take time to get the ordinances changed and sure-as-shootin the Animal Control officer will get wind of it and come poking around. Can he come onto my property if there has been no complaint? Do they have to give you a specific time they are coming? Can he look over my 6 foot wood fence?

After this I plan to tackle the HOA, but that's an ENTIRELY different can of worms. I know I know, what WAS I thinking? And, no I can't move, at least not this red hot second, so please don't suggest it. I would rather fix the issues here than tuck tail and skeedaddle over something that should be a no-brainer.
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