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  1. I'm pretty sure there isn't a thread already on this. How do i get rid of wild pigeons from my run? In the mornings i come down to find my whole chicken run filled with wild pigeons, topnotch pigeons and Sometimes Magpies and i know they are filled with LICE and other such things which i don't want my hens getting. i used to use Layer Pellets and i didn't have any pigeons but I'm now using Assorted seeds and grain which is obviously attracting them and i know that if i just switch back to layer pellets it should be OK but Ive still got about a month left of grain so im still going to have to use it. Any suggestions much appreciated.

    I was thinking about a scarecrow?? [​IMG]

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    Are you throwing the grain on the ground outside? Do you have a place inside a coop or shelter to feed them?
  3. ye i spread it around the run and put it in little bowls, so you reckon i should put it in there coop?
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    There's no single answer to this, and can be fixed a few ways. :)

    First, you will overall see far less vermin (furry and feathered!) if you limit ways for them to get to the food. If you are able to, feed inside of a coop and in a way that limits access to everything but your chickens. I have my feeder hanging on a chain inside the coop itself.
    If you want to give your chickens scratch grains, consider giving them only the amount they can eat in 5 minutes or so (scratch is generally a treat, in most cases). Ideally, the chickens will eat the scratch furiously and the pigeons won't even have a chance. If you want to create additional foraging activity for your chickens beyond this-- which is great (keeps them busy)!-- give them greens as a treat. Healthy and won't attract vermin! Pigeons could care less for greens. I love to hang a head of cabbage from a rope in their run, and it lasts my 8 chickens about a day and a half, depending on the size of the cabbage. You can fill mesh suet feeders up with weeds (dandelions, garden clippings, any green leafy stuff that we eat..) and hang it too for a foraging treat if you really want to spoil them.

    Second, if you are able, consider putting wire or netting over your run. I know that not everyone is able to because of logistics and/or cost, but this has the added benefit of keeping predatory hawks and owls off of your chickens too.

    If neither is an option, consider posting a plastic owl (they sell them at most sporting goods stores) on your run or very nearby. This might be met with limited success-- it generally deters prey such as pigeons but smarter birds like the magpies might well figure it out and ignore it anyhow. It may or may not stress your chickens out at first. Plastic owls are really one of those things that sometimes works well, and sometimes do not!!
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    try and feed them inside and for the record a scare crow isn't such a bad idea.[​IMG]
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  6. thanks for the help especially Nambroth, i think im just going to feed them in there night cage (roost) then when they've finished let them out in to the run and put a few cabbages up. The pigeons just sit up in the neighboring trees, hundreds of eyes watching my every move its kind of creepy[​IMG]
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    We are having the same problem with sparrows. They are overrunning everything! It is terrible.
    They squeeze through the chicken wire too! We are trying to cover the run in bird netting, but that is a tangle-y mess.
    Sooooooooo frustrating. This was not as much of a problem last year, when our outdoor kitty, "Cuddles", was hanging
    out with the flock. She disappeared (sadly) last January and now we are fighting a losing battle.
    Thanks for some of the tips. I hope we can get them under control. I have had two sick chickens already this year, and
    I truly suspect flying vermin!

    Good luck with it, everyone!

  8. Oh sparrows that hard, Ive got my problem under control but still treating for lice. Good luck with you though, might want to start up a new thread this one is a little dated, i really have no suggestions unless you change/switch the chickens feed or get a new cat.
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    You should not throw the seed over the ground, That is a sure fire way to attract wild birds and also contaminate the grains with chicks poop, which can make you hens sick.

    I had a big problem with sparrows - once counted over 60! Now I only feed the chickens 2 times a day, as much as they eat on each sitting , then make sure there is no food laying about during the day.

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