Flytie / Genetic hackle birds and chicks for sale

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    Jul 2, 2014
    I have to many birds and not enough room for them all so I am selling some of my birds.

    I will be selling them at $100.00 each. Your pic, take 1 or all for $100.00 each.

    I have 22 young ones. 3 months old. They hatched on 6/21/2014. Mostly grizzly color. As close as I can tell there are 9 grizzly roosters, 10 grizzly hens, 1 white hen and 2 black hens. These are from two different lines of birds but are mixed together and I don't know what chicks came from what line anymore.

    I also have a 1 year old grizzly rooster that is with 5 hens. These are from a separate line from the young chicks I have for sale.

    I also have another rooster in a cage that is from a separate line in case you want to use him to have another line.

    These birds are all from the Toni-Marie Austin line.

    Great opportunity to start your line of flytie / genetic hackle birds!

    I live in southern Michigan. Sorry but I do not ship birds at this time. Local pickup only.

    I work during the day but if you have any questions please let me know and I will get back with you in the evenings after work.
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