Foal stuff.....remind me again?

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    When am I supposed to do a first worming on these two baby foals? Last time I had a newborn was 4 years ago and I've forgotten. Oh, and when do they get first shots? Do I give them the four-in-one like the Mama's get?

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    Usually 6 months for shots. Wean baby anywhere from 3 to 5 months. Also use Panacur for worming in foals. I use to worm at 1 month assuming Mama had been wormed in the 30 days prior to foaling. And I use Panacur in the foals until after a year old. Ivermectin I have found to not do as good a job and can be hard on the very young and very old's tummies.

    Congrats! Haven't had a foal for 3 yrs ourselves. Other than one mini who foaled unexpectedly in February. Was owned by someone else and went home a couple days later. Too cute though! LOL
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    Mar 9, 2009
    What schedule were the mares last wormed and vaccinated prior to foaling? Did the foals nurse on the mares in the first 24hrs?

    Been a while for me but with prewormed and vacc'd mares we wormed foals at 4-6wks with panacur then every 6wks with panacur or strongid after apx 9mos stronger wormers were used rotating with the panacur/strongid
    vaccs would begin at 6mos.
    Here is a pdf with some schedules on it for foals of vacc and non vacc mares
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    Hey thanks! The mares were last vaccinated in the fall (I vax spring and fall) and their last worming was March-they're due again June 1. So I think I'll put off the worming until about June 15 and do them all at the same time.

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