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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kleonaptra, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Some weeks ago I noticed my favourite call girl, Leelu, had a sore eye. It was not ever foamy, just obvious that she was rubbing it a lot. She kept telling me it was fine until the other day I determined to wash it and found her fluffed up and depressed with the eye all closed over. Not red, not swollen, just pink, raw and closed over with clear fluid. She's gone into sick bay for rest and saline washes. The washes seem to be helping, she's got it open, but not much, it still looks very raw, but healing. I've been thinking a drake pecked her.

    Today, sweet Nonnalie is sporting a FOAMY eye. It doesn't look particularly injured, just foamy. I've started saline washes on her too, but the foam keeps coming back. I THINK she caught it on a bush, her favourite brooding area is a thorn bush, but with two I'm thinking is it coincidental injuries, or an infection? I've started giving them a new poultry supplement, that's the only change lately. I will give the girls some ACV tonight, and there are some broad spectrum antibiotics I can order.

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    Neosporin eye drops or any other triple antibiotic eye drops should help. Issues with eyes can be symptoms of respiratory infections also, so i would suggest reading threads on that topic also.

    Good luck

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    Thanks, I'll have to look up Neosporin and see what the auzzie equivalent is
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    Well what does the foam look like? If it's kind of clear yet partially white and bubbly then it's her body cleaning out her eye, if it's like all white and kind of pasty and kind of thinking then yeah u should clean it out a little more and get vetricyn eye wash, it's safer and natural, Neosporan eye wash may hold some harmful chemicals
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  5. Kleonaptra

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    More white and bubbly I'd say. It seems worse right after I rinse it. Its looking pretty clear now. I'm more worried about Leelu who doesn't seem infected, but I think the eyelids are quite injured.
    I had a little mate in with Leelu for company, now I have three in sick bay, I'm scared to put Stormy back out, even though she seems fine, just in case I've got some kind of duck conjunctivitis going around.

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