Foamy Poop


In the Brooder
Jul 15, 2019
Hello all!

My chicks are about two weeks old. I have three that I hatched in a Brinsea incubator, they live inside in a brooder with fresh pine shavings, medicated feed, and lots of water. I noticed each of them will sometimes have very foamy watery poop, but sometimes it’s solid! Is this normal?
Sounds normal... chickens pass urates with their droppings. Some will be wetter than others. Foamy, may just be gas inside it...

It can be confusing since they don't always look the same. But get familiar with what you DO see regularly and take note if something seem "off" compared to what you often see. And if you need to, take pictures for reference and to share with us! ;)

When real concern arises, a fecal float at the vet is recommended.
Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC! That seems normal for chicks to me. It's warm in the brooder, so they drink a lot of water. Basically they eat, drink, sleep and poop at that age. :lau

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