foghorn died.

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    :(my foghorn leghorn died today.sigh... so we gave her back to the mother earth. My husband is sad. Now i don't know why she died. i am thinking worms? yellow foamy poop and not much of it in the last two days. pale listless. My question is how do i treat my flock with the safegaurd crumblesHow much do I place in their feed. I am getting some natural cider vinegar tomorrw and will be working on cleaning the coop etc to protect the rest of my flock. I do not want to lose anymore especially my week olds! i do not want to use the wazine because i was told that you can never eat the eggs again? Thanks for any help ErinM.
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    Any wormer or meds you use will require a wait period, normally of 3-4 weeks before eating eggs again. There is none I know of that you can never eat eggs again.... You will need to worm with levasol, wazine or safeguard goat liquid wormer to get rid of worms. If you chicken had it bad enough to kill her than no natural product will be helpful for that much of a load. pick one and use it then wait 21 days and use another.
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    erinm, so sorry you lost your girl. Below is some info from my chicken handbook that might give you some help diagnosing ~

    DROPPINGS (mature birds)
    * yellow, watery, foamy diarrhea - colibacillosis (common)
    * yellowish or greenish yellow diarrhea - ochratoxicosis (sporadic)
    * yellow diarrhea - streptococcosis (not common)
    * foamy diarrhea - worms (very common)

    I did not include the green-yellow spectrum, but there are several things that can cause that and it sounds like you are into the yellow. I do hope that helps.

    I have read that worming meds should be rotated to avoid worms building immunity. In my last worming I used Albendazole (trade name Valbazen), which is one of the broadest-spectrum wormers I know of (it addresses roundworms, flukes, tapeworms). I simply discarded eggs for two weeks afterward. If you (or anyone else out there) decides on the Albendazole, be sure to tell your co-op it is NOT the same as Fenbendazole (another good wormer, not as broad spectrum). Here is the dosage I calculated per Gail Damerow's worming article:

    Albendazole 11.35% oral suspension
    Chickens (standard) = 4.5 mg/lb.
    5 lb hen => .2ml (.19806 ml)

    Hope that info helps. Please keep us posted!
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    Sorry for your loss.
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    very sorry for your loss. Yellow foamy poop is indicative of cocci. Please keep an eye on your entire flock. With cocci, you dont always get blood in stools.

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