Follow ME to TN ?


Egg Killer ;)
13 Years
Jan 14, 2007
OH/PA Boarder
April 12th Spring Show Cedar City Poultry Club Wilson County Fairgrounds
Lebanon TN
Joanne Ashworth
6436 Brandy Lane
Lebanon, TN 37090
615-444-8707 Phone Number for Joanne
entries can be emailed until April 6
Hey! Hello hello hello!

I currently live in Knoxville, but I JUST purchased property in Lebanon -- INCLUDING a coop and yard -- and I'm planning to start a hobby flock of my own. Thanks so much for posting about this show. I'll try hard to come by!
this will be the furthest I have traveled for a Poultry Show

and I am very excited so you guys look for me and nicecritter

I am bring 10 Silkies and 4 Faverolles -- Hope to see you there !!!
My little sister is bringing some silkies

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