Follow the leader when the leader is a CAT?!?!(Video Added)


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
My ducks are doing the craziest thing. Following the cat around the yard! We noticed it yesterday when our black and white cat was outside. It seems to start with my little runner crosses and then suddenly the whole flock is following behind him. Today our other cat, a grey and black tabby, was out and they did the same to him. I have video that I will upload later.

It really is funny. Most of them are much bigger than the poor cat. They trapped the poor thing behind the big hedge today. Ducks all around quacking for him to come out and he was scared to death. Snakeman had to go rescue him.

Anyone ever seen this behavior? Are they just curious perhaps? They've grown up around these cats and I just noticed them doing it yesterday. It's really the strangest and funniest thing watching a flock of 25 ducks following a CAT. The cat really doesn't know what to do. He just keeps trying to get away. Hedges, cars, whatever works. The poor thing hides. And they wait.
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Now THAT cracked me up!

I have a pair of Cayugas. They do not sleep in a coop or house, but wander at night, so I have Stealth Ducks On Patrol. I can usually hear Louie's webbed feet when he approaches in the back yard which is chicken-cleared & hardened earth, or on the porch, but in the front yard, he's silent as a ghost on the grass. Couple of nights ago, I remembered to put out more crushed oyster shell and was bending over to do so, around 9 p.m.

Louie goosed me. I never heard him coming from where he'd been laying in the grass. But I heard him gabble in laughter afterwards, telling Thelma all about it!
Haha! My ducks follow my cat too! He isn't quite sure what to make of it... (Though it is the cats' fault for always hanging out with the ducks)
The videos as promised.... I'm not the best camera woman in the world but you'll get the jist. They went in a big circle and in the second video, thats Snakeman rescuing the poor cat from behind the bushes.

I wish I had the let the video on the 1st one go a little longer.... the muscovy brought up the rear.
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