Following a Free-range Chicken from Roost in Morning to Roost at Night



Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
This is already getting interesting. My student is being tasked with following a single bird each day recording location, habitat type and activity every 15 minutes. She is learning how to be a field biologist even though will grow up to be a medical doctor. This will give her some cool stories to relate to patients needing a diversion. She is also getting to see wildlife most people miss.

Great-horned owl watching chickens student is concerned with.

Chickens hiding in pen from owl.

Later in day a hen with 7 juvenile offspring foraging across road.

Two full-sibling brothers separated by brood hatch dates of about 60 days. Oldest hatched Easter. They will look very similar as adults.
Student watching chickens going to roost in persimmon tree at end of day. My daughter is imitating her writing in her own lab book. Daughter in kindergarten so what is being written will be cool to see.
Where is the dog's lab book?

Dog has no note taking duties. She is like me, responsible for logistical support. I have to setup a couple hours early to get write-in-the-rain paper and sharp pencils. Dog helps student find front porch where supplies will be left. We busy bees.

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