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    Hello, I have a few questions about my chicks.

    ~The heat lamp seems kind of close to them. It's a clip-on and I'm worried it might fall on them. What should I do?
    ~I've been hand-feeding them, since they don't really eat much and whatever they do, they seem to work it off with their flapping and running. Today I was hand-feeding Henry and it seemed kind of hard for him to get down the dry crumbles and he started to cough like his airway was irritated. I've heard of mixing feed with warm water, would feeding them this be eaiser?
    ~When do they need a coop?
    ~When can I turn the heat lamp off?
    ~When can I tell their gender?

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    1. Always secure your heat lamp with a secondary source. Tie it to a secure place so that if the clamp give way, it won't fall and hurt the chicks.
    2. You could try adding some warm water and making a sort of mush. Just be sure to dispose of any left over after a few hours, as it will go bad. You could also try grinding the crumbles up smaller, so they are easier to eat dry. Put some in a plastic bag and roll over with a rolling pin. Try placing some on a square of foil, as the shiny surface will encourage them to peck. If they still won't eat much, start looking for signs that they might be ill. How are their poops? Do they otherwise seem ok?
    3 & 4. Depending on your climate, they should be ready for a coop at about 5-6 weeks of age. Remember, chicks need 95 degree F. for the first week, then you can lower the temperature 5 degrees every week after. They may still night supplemental heating at night, until they are fully feathered.
    5. Gender determination varies a bit by breed. Some you can tell in a matter of several weeks, some not until the first egg is laid. [​IMG]

    Hope this helps. Keep reading on the forums here, and maybe try a "search" for specific topics. This is a great place chock full of answers! [​IMG]

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