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Jun 6, 2017

I got my first pair of ducklings about a month ago, and have set up what I hope (!) is a predator proof pen for when when we eventually move them outside and they're not free-ranging. The last component their pen needs- food and water containers. We will definitely have freezing temps in the winter, and there are plenty of mice and chipmunks to help themselves to whatever food might be around. Before I spend the $$, I wanted to know what works best for those with experience. Their pen is a 7'X7' dog kennel with galvanized wire staked underneath and a wire roof (we'll eventually cover it with a tarp) and an attached extra large dog crate for their "duck house". Thanks to the good ideas on this site, we set up a kiddie pool with a drainage hose, but what do we need as another drinking source? And what's the best way to keep water from freezing in the winter? Right now in our indoor brooder (a very large wire dog crate) we have a flip top feeder that they have no trouble pooping into at least twice a day, so I'd like to find a way to keep their food a little cleaner. I was thinking of buying a hanging feeder, but advice is appreciated!


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Ducks are messy. They mess the water, they mess the food, they mess the water trying to swallow the food, it's the pain of keeping ducks. I feed all my poultry in bowls, pans or dishes. I put out the amount they will clean up in 24 hours so the dishes are empty the next morning.

For watering I use plastic bucket in the summer, and rubber bowls and buckets in the winter, dumped and refilled twice a day. They can take me smashing and bashing them to remove the ice and don't crack when they freeze. I also use the large rubber pans so my ducks can bathe in the winter if they want.


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Jun 6, 2017
Thanks. I know about the mess! I just want to do what will be the cleanest and simplest before I buy anything else.


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We use rubber bowls for chicken/duck water bowls (and also nest bins)

Our food station uses a larger one as well with a 5 gallon bucket sitting in it. I fill the 5 gallon bucket and they have at it until it is all gone and I fill it again. Their feeder is in the original duck house (dog house kit from Lowe's), so it is covered and stays dry.

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