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I was wondering if I should put food/water in the run rather than in the coop. I've heard many people putting it outside the coop so that the chicks are only in there to sleep or lay. My girls are 7weeks old.

Also, my chicks are not very friendly. They are skittish and two of them try to peck at me when I'm in the coop. I don't want them to be afraid of me. Is this normal and will they warm up to me when they get bigger? (I have five golden buffs and two ??)


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I think it depends on your set up, if the pen is attached and safe enough to have access too all the time and weather protected decently, you can put it there. My run is not attached so the girls have it in the coop and the run(which i remove at the end of the day)

Food? chickens LOVE food, i would try that.. mine are super friendly but we have to carry them to the run, so they are accustomed to being personally carted about, i practically trip over them when i come in the run, because they want to see what i have brought.. i think all babies go through a omg, your gonna eat me stage however, Patience and food and being around, they see your going to do no harm, after all they are prey animals so that fear is pretty ingrained.
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I place the waterer out in my pens as well as a pan of feed for the timid ones who run out the minute the drop door is opened. I then put feed in their hanging feeder in their coop. In cold weather I keep the waterer inside the coop on a heated base.

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Multiple water and feed locations will make for a more peaceful flock. We do the same with our dog pack. Food and feeding is a survival thing and it can be the main place for fights or squabbles to break out.

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