food and water in the coop or out?

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  1. tsmith91

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Woodlawn Virginia
    I'm going to be moving my chicks from the brooder to the coop in a few weeks was wondering if they should have food/water in the coop or in the run or both

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    I keep mine in the run. They don't eat or drink after dark anyway. Of course, my pop door is open 24/7 so I don't have to get up early and let them out to access the run. That might make a difference in the water, at least. They won't starve to death if they have to wait a bit before they get to eat. I don't like them to go without water too long though, especially when it's hot, and since I'm basically a lazy person I have no desire to get up when they do. [​IMG]
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    For most of us, the coop is where the chickens sleep and lay eggs, and the run is where they spend most of the day. Therefore, we place the food and water in the run.

    When I move chicks from brooder to the coop, I like to enclose them in the coop for at least an entire day and night, letting them out into the run on the morning of the second day. This acclimates them to the coop, and after sleeping a night in it, they know that is where they are supposed to sleep.

    Even so, most chicks require teaching to go into the coop at night, taking a few days to figure out how to do it on their own.
  4. Den in Penn

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    Both. The main feed and water is is the coop. I feed the wet feed in the runs with a second water supply. It really depends on your set up. Whether your coop is big enough to hold the feed and waterer and how protected your run is from the weather.
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  5. tsmith91

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Woodlawn Virginia
    Thanks for the info
  6. Mahlzeit

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    I keep the feeder inside the house to keep it out of the weather. I don't have a covered run so any rain and snow will get to it if its outdoors. Water stays outside because they make a mess around their water.

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