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    Hello, my question may seem goofy to some, but I have a fairly small space that I am dealing with and I am new to chickens. First I need to define my issue, I have a 6' by 6' pen with a coop meant for 3 birds inside and I live in town. The pen has a roof and I have a hanging food and water container within the pen. I currently have 7 - 10 week old light sussex in there, I have what I believe are 3 boys and 4 girls. When they were smaller I had food and water available in the coop at night, but when I would let them out in the morning it would be demolished. So currently I do not provide them with this after they go to bed. My plans are to downsize to 3 hens once the birds are big enough. In the morning when I let them out they run to the food, but they appear very healthy right now. Am I doing a dis-service to my birds? I don't want to be neglecting there needs, but they seem to be doing fine without it. I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks, Beth:)
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    Hi Beth,

    You are doing just fine. Infact, when you say your chickens appear very healthy right now proves it.

    When it's dark chickens (so I'm told) go into a stupor----and thus they won't be eating or drinking at night..... I also have small coop interior, and my chickens only go in to lay and to sleep.

    People will tell others that if you need to catch a difficult chicken go to the coop at night, and you will be able to get it. On all the occasions that I go to mess with my chickens at night---they are not in a stupor---they are just kind of drowsy. Maybe I use too much light when I go there in the dark---but I digress.

    Food and water shouldn't be needed in the coop at night. If you live where the weather is rough, and you have chickens that will spend lots of time inside, then food and water would be a consideration. Perhaps by that time you will be down to your three and there will be extra room for the food and water.

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