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Apr 15, 2012
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I have seen several posts about people having their water outside the coop. I currently have a water system that will be shut down for the winter and was wondering about the pros and cons for having the water and/or food outside in the run area. I have had the food inside, but recently moved outside and they seem to be fairing well. I had a concern with outside critters getting into the food, but so far, i have not had an issue.

My coop is pictured below, which is in the back yard surrounded by a 6 foot chain link fence.. so double protected!

what is everyone else doing?

Much depends on the size of the coop. Ours is fairly small (4' x 5') so we keep the food and water outside. In general, when they're in the coop, they sleep, so the food and water aren't really needed...they don't see well in the dark, and since we let them out at first light, they do fine with it outside. We do keep the food under the raised coop so it doesn't get wet if it snows or rains.
Jensmith215 -- first off, nice looking coop.

We keep our food and water both inside the coop, and in summer, put extra waterers out in the run just in case they drink through the waterers in the coop.

But coming up this winter, we will be removing the outside waterers and then using the "extra" waterers that gives us to change them out every morning to deal with frozen waterers. It worked last year well.

I have also seen people that keep all food and water outside of coop, but I worry about attracting unsavory overnight guests as only one of our runs is totally enclosed. Also, I was under the impression that once wild birds figure out there is a food source there, they are pretty persistant. (I don't think that would be a problem for you looking at your enclosure).

I agree with mickey328 that it depends on your set up, how easy it is to remove frozen waterers for you and how likely you are to have frozen waterers to begin with. This is only our 2nd full year of raising birds, and we were VERY lucky with a mild winter last year. But I was still grateful when waterers didn't need changed out every morning, or removed in the evening and replaced in the morning to keep them from freezing.

Good luck.
Food and water out side all summer, they do not eat at night so in the coop is not needed. Water in the coop in the winter with a tin can heater. Food out side. We have a winterized pen, no wind no snow no water can get in. Food is fine there.

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