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    What brand of food is best for laying hens? I have been buying Albers just because that's what they give me when I ask for layer pellets. I got that Purina coupon for the survey and got Layena plus omega 3. It was twice as much as I normally spend! Which is better? Albers, Layena or something else?
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    That's all a matter of personal opinion - the "best" feed is the feed that is readily available to you (either by local outlet or online order) which fits your desired feed program (this is something you can arrive at by doing some research of various feeds, ingredients, etc and decide for yourself what you do/don't want) that you can afford. Everyone has their own preference of brand, form of feed (pellet, crumble, mash), etc - so if you ask 10 chicken keepers what is best you'll end up with 11 different answers, lol. Were you happy with the condition of your birds on the feed you were using? If not, what was your main concern/complaint regarding their condition?
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    I use local grains, milled locally as well. I use mash for my chickens, most folks prefer to use a pellet on BYC. If the protein level is sufficient for the needs of your flock, does it matter that much from which supplier it comes from. The national brands cost more, for ten pounds less in my area. The national brands seem to sit on the shelf longer than the local feed. Most folks in my area use the local feed, be it starter, grower, layer. Most or at least many bird keepers need to watch their budget.

    The national feed is ok, and I have used it, the bags are pretty and it has a marketing push behind it, so that cost needs be added into the price. My local feed comes in brown sacks, no frills, just feed, and ten pounds more for less. Of course the local feed won't likely have a propriety ingredient, and all the national brands seem to have some top secret additive that makes it worth the cost. I guess it could be so.

    Some folks do not know much about feed at all. So they just buy the most expensive, supposing it to be the best. I have seen many times myself, where you do get what you pay for, but I do not believe this to be one of them. The birds just want to be fed… I don't think they really care one way or another.

    So you will need to balance for yourself what you want to feed, how much you wish to pay, and if you believe you are getting 'more' bang for your buck out of local or national brands. There is NO best feed, for everyone. There is just a best feed for you.

    Best to you and your flock,

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    We use the Purina Layena Plus like you and have never had a problem. Our first time raising chickens, and we are sticking with it as long as its working! You don't have to supplement with oyster shell or grit, which offsets the price... at least in my area.
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    Many people have a lot of ideas on what is or what makes a good poultry feed.
    The average backyard flock can be fed a feed that is lacking a little and chances are you aren't going to notice it but that same feed fed to a breeding or show flock is going fall short of what the breeder/exhibitor wants and needs with out "doctoring" it up some.

    If all your feeding is a few laying hens you could get about any feed and it should work for you, just keep the feed at about 18% feed. (I would also recommend on that has animal proteins in it)

    Also don't fall for the "omega 3 feeds". Chickens get omega fatty acids from a lot of the thing they already eat and really don't need a "omega enriched" feed.
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    Most local mills that mix there own feeds use a "base" that contains the nutrition that a chicken needs (for the most part) and all the mill has to do is add corn or in some cases corn and oats. The base is put out by the national feed mfg's so the only thing that is "local" is the corn and oats.

    Example; If a mill wants to mix a batch of 16% layer they would mix,
    1250 lbs Corn
    600 lbs 36% protein Poultry Base
    100 lbs (38% Ca) Oyster Shells
    50 lbs (38% Ca) Calcium Carbonate
    This mix will give the mill 2000 lbs of a 16% protein Layer Feed with a 3.75% Ca.

    I used the local mills feed for some time, it's not bad for the price but it didn't cut it for my birds. I think this was do to the same base is used to make the Starter, Grower, Finisher, Pre-layer and Layer feeds.
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