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    what do you all feed your baby ducks and when do you change thier food .my ducks are 7 weeks old and would like to free range them.i have a very large pen for them 100 by 100 by 40 by 40.i have 2 geese and 3 3month old ducks free ranging it now. are they old enought to be put out in the pen
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    After my ducks get through their first 5 or 6 weeks on non medicated starter, I put them on Triple Duty all purpose feed with 16% protein. Once they get to laying age, I add a feeder full of oyster shell for the girls to eat as they need.
    I used to use layer pellets for everyone, but my feed store is stocking Triple Duty in pellet form, so I just use that, supplemented with the oyster shell.
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    I agree with Terrielacy, but I also just found this:

    Use crumbilized chick or poult starter for the first week to 10 days. A pelleted grower ration plus cracked corn, wheat, milo, oats or other grain can be fed after this time. Keep feed before the birds at all times. Also, provide insoluble grit. Place feed on rough paper or cup flats for the first few days. Do not use chick box tops or other smooth-surfaced lids or paper as feeders. When such slick-surfaced materials are used, leg damage results.

    Be certain the feed you are using contains only those additives approved for ducks and geese. Certain types of drugs that are sometimes included in chick starting and growing mashes for coccidiosis control are harmful to goslings. They may cause lameness or even death. Coccidiosis has not been a problem in waterfowl production in this area.

    The last time I raised ducklings, I made my own duckling starter by mixing oats, wheat bran, diced up cat kibble (top of the line cat kibble), and I think something else(?). I don't remember the exact proportions though, so I can't help you there (it's listed in Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks). I wanted them to get used to eating cat kibble, because it is a good way to supply extra fat. Last winter I tried giving my grown ducks cat kibble during a really cold spell when one was in the middle of molting, but they wouldn't eat it because they had no experience with it. The only problem now is that one of my ducks is a fiend for cat kibbles.​
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    Oh yeah, the other ingredient was broiler feed. I think at the time the feed store had no chick start!
  5. Hi, mine are 4 weeks old and I have them on a turkey starter slopped with water, I buy cheap pasta/thin spaghetti , boil and chop that, they love this! chopped lettuce, tomatoes, Mikey's leftover breakfast cereal! and Grass!

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