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9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
New Haven, Vermont
Mine are 4 weeks and 3 days old. do i change food as they grow or just keep them on the stuff they are on now from day one. Man they go nuts over it. Looking to to keep 10 weeks maybe just eight not sure depends on size... Thanks....jim
What are you on now? If you have been on starter (or broiler blend) that is 23% or higher protein content it will be OK to drop to 20% starter or broiler feeds. Starter or broiler blends have a higher content of key nutrients that will keep your birds healthy and on the fast tract. There are some 20% starter/grower products out there that are very good. If you have been on 20% starter/grower I wouldn't change.
You really need to tell us what they are on now
I switched mine to unmedicated feed for the last month. One of the books I have recommended it that way for the last 30 days. I intend to butcher mine at or around the 56 day mark.
Sorry for the delay....lolI started out wth Chick Starter Crumbles then just went to a Quick Grow Broiler Crumbles. Both have 20% Crude Protein.....jim

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