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    Hi I have some chickens and I recently just got 8 wild rio grande turkeys and I was wondering what foods are alright to give them aside from scratch and chickens food. Thank you for any answers you can give me. If this is the wrong place for me to talk please tell me since I just just joined.
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    Apr 12, 2013
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    Are the turkeys in with the chickens? Typically you want a higher protein, lower Ca feed for meat birds as they are growing so fast. You can give them the chicken feed and toss some roasted soybeans in the mix to up the protein (it's the cheapest high protein feed out there. Should run about $25/50# bag) or you can go with a meat bird or all flock feed. They will eat a ton so sit down and run some numbers to figure out the most cost effective way to go.
  3. RanchGirl13

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    I am not raising them for meat I do not eat my children and yes they are in with the chickens and I dont think anybody carries roasted soybeans or even regular i dont think...

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