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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1234duck, Jan 12, 2011.

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    What do you feed your Ducks? * An "everyday" normal feeding.? & *Good, healthy snack/treat stuff? Thanks, Julie
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    since they cant free range in the snow, I buy Millet (seed) sprays (bird section) and crumble that up in thier pond in the mornings. They like it and it gives them something to do for awhile...Every evening they get chopped up romaine lettuce, chopped up tomatoes, and thawed frozen peas/corn. I leave out their main feed Purina Duck chow to eat whenever they want.. every other week I buy a box (500ct) live crickets and throw handfuls out , they luv chasin them down.. gobble gobble..
    in the summer they do get their veggies still every nite but they free range for their bugs..
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    Apr 12, 2010
    Quote:Thanks for the tip on millet spray. I was always eyeing them and wondering if it might be something i should pick up for them.

    I buy a few cans of meal worms at Petco and feed them 2 small spoons of it twice a day for a week every other week or so.

    The mealworms seem to fit in the with the correct protein levels for most ducks.

    Here are the ones i get for them, which they love:

    I tried to get them live crickets, but I don't think they care for them too much.

    I also tried the canned version above of crickets, but they didn't seem to like them either.
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    Feb 7, 2010
    South East Kansas
    Purina! They have starter/grower then Flockraiser then Layena.

    All the nutritional value needed to raise a happy healthy flock.
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    Interesting.. Does the Millet float? And does the water need to be deep? I have a Little Tykes/Kids Pool for ducks to swim in everyday, which gets Very Dirty FAST that gets cleaned out almost every week. I also use a section from a pond/water fountain(the medium size pond, which isn't very deep) for the them to drink from but, they bath in it too. I have put some little creek fish in it for them to eat. There is 2 more drinking sources for them also, which all get clean/fresh water in them everyday. Would one of these work to put Millet in?
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    >>Purina DUCK CHOW?<< LoL.. really? okay.. I'll look for it. Veggies/lettuce, chopped tomatoes I heard of that but, I wondered how they eat that with no teeth? Or do they have teeth? hummm... I Feed them corn, which they Love. **A DEFINITE "NOWAY" ON CRICKETS!! That IS TOTALLY GROSS!![​IMG]>>> I Hate Crickets<<[​IMG]((Screammm)) I give them chicken food, they seem to like it. Is chicken food okay for them to eat also? Thanks a lot for the feeding tips, very helpful. Julie

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    LMAO ~~ if i didnt luv them goof balls sooo much i would never have believed i would get them crickets.... i get them from the pet section of the local Nusery and they are not like the big ole fat black outdoor summer crickets, and they dont chirp... They werent eating their duck food like they did in the summer and i was worried so i got the crickets.
    Yes I rub the seeds off the stem and they float in the water and they eat em up... I chop the tomatoes and lettuce pretty small as I have calls and they are very small ducks.
    I can get a pkg of millet seed at the dollar general store for 2 bucks (about 5 or so sprays), if I buy it from the pet store , its 1 dollar for a lrg spray.
    Mine dont like the meal worms. They like earthworms and guppies I get at the bait store in the summer tho.. i will throw some whole oats / scratch grains in the hay so they can dig for them (something to do ) since they dont like snow and cant free range.

    oh the Purina Duck chow is from the tractor supply type store.. not from your locals like wal-mart...
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    Quote:what kind of ducks do u have and how old are they??

    chicken food is okay but ducks need niacin !!!
  9. KansasKid

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    Feb 7, 2010
    South East Kansas
    Since when do they carry chicken/duck food at walmart? haha they do have everthing....

    I get mine like Hattiegun said at tractor supply and my local Co-Op
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