Food grade D.E. ?????

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sniper338, Dec 2, 2015.

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    Dec 15, 2013
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    Ive read a few times its good for the birds, wormer somewhat, and good in their feathers for mites and stuff...

    So i got some today, sprinked some in with their food and mixed it up.... then gave em a shallow box with DE and dirt mixed up together....

    Now it crossed my mind about HOW MUCH i should use in their food and how much mixed in with dirt....

    They got about half a cup DE in with about a gsllon of feed... then they got enough in the dirt mixed up where you can tell theres DE in it...

    Its food grade so i dont suspect over dose issues... but just in case im wondering.... they are all 2 month to 3.5 month old...
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    Jun 7, 2015
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    I have Read mixed reviews about the use of DE. I have seen some say it is easy to overdose them with it in food. I do use it in the coop after cleaning it out. I sprinkle it on the floor then put the straw and pine shavings over it. I also sprinkle it on the birds themselves every couple of months. As far as the dust bath the recipe I found and use is 1 part dirt, 1 part sand, 1 part wood ash, and 1 part DE mixed well.
  3. shortgrass

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    For feed, we mix in 2% of weight ration, so per 100 lbs of feed, 2 lbs of DE go in the grain. The elevators put DE in the grain as soon as it comes in from the field as well, so there's already a wee bit in the grain if you're using fresh grain to mix your feed with :)

    For dusting, I keep it on the low side because of the dust, but I probably use a cup in the entire coop when I clean it, twice a year. I just sprinkle a but in each nesting box and maybe a bit in the floor.

    DH is asthmatic, so I try not to actually coat the birds; some owners dust them with it, but I just let them dust themselves; I've never really had a need to dust them myself anyway, though ;)
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    I just read that HUMANS consume food grade D.E. as an anti-parasitic! 1 tbsp per day for a week!! And
    You have to drink extra fluid because it's extremely dehydrating...that just scares me!
  5. shortgrass

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    They sure do! Why is that scary? I eat it too; its an amazing organic source of a whole slew of trace minerals that we can't get enough of in our food...

    I gave up trying to even convince ANYONE of the anthelmintuc properties if it, because everyone gets so involved with the "it's useless when wet" theory...

    Lol its not useless when wet. It's vitamins and minerals, dead sea creatures, good source of calcium :)

    But here's some research of it being used in cattle...

    Here's"pest control"

    And here's some human research...

    It's not dangerous, its good grade crushed up dead Diatoms ;)

    And yes, some ignorant rude people have made fun of me for eating it, but I find it ironic that most people don't know that if they're eating ANYTHING that contains grain, they're already eating DE, because grain is dusted with it at the granary to keep the weevils from hatching in your flour in summer ;)
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    Oh I don't think anyone is crazy for taking it! I read how good it is and I believe in a good parasite cleanse because I know people can get loaded with them too. I'm just scared of taking the first time for me! I got it on my hands once and couldn't believe how it dried my hands out! What does it feel like I'm the mouth? Does it dissolve in your drink? DE isn't inaffective when it's wet...unless a chicken is trying to dust bath in it! LOL
  7. shortgrass

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    Mar 14, 2015
    Northern Colorado

    Wow, lol, you are the very first person that didn't make fun of me for "trying to kill lung worms" just by using it on my chickens, much less myself lol !)

    I'm speechless...almost :D

    We put it in grain when it comes from the field, then we mux it in again when we mix rations, so the animals get it with their grain...

    For us, I would mix it into a smoothie, just a teaspoon of so... I betcha I can find a link with a recipe....

    Hmmm found info on why not to use anything else but natural...

    And here we go, perfect :)

    Lol I've read if people being more scared of what they might find when they do it, less than taking the actual "medicine" ha-ha ;)

    I just figured I live out in the yard with all the exposure, so I self medicate just like the animals; DH prefers to eat an entire jar of pickled garlic over anything else, but I can't stand the smell lol ;)

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