Food grade DE? Brand I brought

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  1. Red earth diamaceous with calcium bentonite. The feed store said its for livestock can be added to food or used as a anti caking product.
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    Sorry, Is there a question here?

    My feed store sells that brand too in 10, 20 or 40 pounds.
  3. Sorry lol exhausted from working and coming home then working on coop. Was wondering if the DE I brought is the correct DE to use for the deep litter method. Was not sure if I needed food grade for people or animals
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    The Red Lake brand diatomaceous earth has calcium bentonite in it as an anti-caking agent. It adsorbs moisture to keep the product loose and to prevent clumping in the feed. The package recommends addition of up to 2% to feed.

    I use it all the time in the feed and loose in the bedding for the chickens to dust.

    Pool grade diatomaceous earth is treated and is not safe for consumption.

    Hope this helps.


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