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    Apr 21, 2009
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    It seems to me that my hens are really uping their food intake in the cold weather. They also started laying about a month and a half ago. I used to be able to fill my food bin up and it would last about 6 or 7 days. Now it lasts about 3 of 4. Is that because of the laying or the cold or both. Also, I have been giving them oyster shell in thier run. Is there anything else I should be doing for them besides feeding them layer feed and water?


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    My birds always pig out in winter. We go thru so much more food then than any other time of year!!

    As for the oystershell...sounds good [​IMG] I keep oystershell always availiable in the coop as well as grit, both are free fed so they take what they need.

    Or in the case of my beasts they dump it out on the shavings and have a grand old time scratching for it.

    Little heathens!
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    Brian, egg production uses up 75% of what they require in the way of protein each day.

    Table 2. Daily Protein Needs, Auburn Univ.

    Then, they will eat until they have sufficient calories. If it is really cold, they'll need lots of calories. My birds seem to eat about 1/3rd more during the cold weather.

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