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I've done some research and here is a list of food items that are toxic to chickens. I've been avoiding this for obvious health reasons.

Raw green potato peels - toxic substance called Solanine.

Anything real salty - Can cause salt poisoning is small bodies such as chickens.

Citrus - Don't know why. Does anyone else know?

Dried or uncooked beans - Raw, or dry beans, contain a poison called hemaglutin which is toxic to birds.

Avacado Skin and Pit - skin and pit have low levels of toxicity.

Raw eggs - Not toxic but you don't want your chickens to get introduced to the tastiness of eggs, which may be waiting to be collected for you. Poop out an eggs and get a treat.

Candy, chocolate, sugar - Their teeth will rot... No, it's just bad for their system, and chocolate can be poisonous to most pets.
Hey Dacdiehl, you stole this from my Treats Chart Page! Crafty!

Anyway, it's good to keep these food things in mind when giving your chickens extra treats. And by the way, I still don't know why citrus might be ill-advised. Does anyone else know?
Ive heared onions are also bad for birds.

But citrus? ..Ive fed parrots & all sorts of birds oranges and such for years. I had an egyptian fruit bat a few years back & he loved oranges, and he was super healthy.

When I ship birds I use oranges as their source of hydration becuase the membrane dries & keeps the juices in until they eat more & so on..never had a problem & i have used oranges for ducks, chix, peafowl & guineas as treats & u name it.
Chickens I read wont eat anything salty...they know it is, and stay away from it...just like they will drink water but it has to be at least 10 degrees cooler than them or they wont drink it, thats why you switch out fresh water all the time.
Please don't feel bad. I would have sourced it but could find where I found it from. I printed it off months ago. I've used it as my guide line and my hens are very healthy. I have it hanging on the side of my fridge, my office for my hens at school. The teachers here at school also use it. You rock!!
I actually sell my eggs to an organic store. So thank you for your research. It helped mine. I love your humor.
I just looked at your site. Very cute coop. Great remodel job. My husband is putting up with me and our new adventure. I'll have to take pics and post them on the copp design forum soon.
I don't know how true that is...
I know my chickens have eaten (some about 1 cup for 10 birds) homemade sauerkraut they didn't mind the salt..

Citrus - Don't know why. Does anyone else know?

I don't know why but I do know a lot of people that put oranges halved in the crates that they put there birds in when they take them to shows so the don't dehydrate..

According to a few people, they also should not eat apples - not because they are toxic (although someone reported that apples caused stomach upsets in their chickens) but because they reportedly - and this is anecdotal - inhibit egg-laying. A feed store employee told me yesterday that the same goes for avocados.

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